Introduction to Acorn Stair Lifts

As we all know today stair lifts are designed to help handicapped or the old people who have a hard time managing the stairs even in their houses. Nowadays there are many manufacturers of stair lifts already like Acorn. There are many models of stair lifts to choose from Acorn stairlifts. Each has its own unique design and purpose to meet the particular need of a person with disability or an elderly.

Almost all stair lifts anyone can see were made for indoor use in the comfort of their homes. Today there are stair lifts made for outside use too. A stair lift can always guarantee comfort and a feeling of independence for the person with disability or the elderly at home. Acorn produced stair lifts that can assure a safe travel of anybody using it and managing the stairs at home.

Acorn have been making thousands of this wonderful innovation for many years now and have been providing stair lifts not only in USA but in other parts of the world as well.

Almost all stair lifts made by Acorn that can be bought today are operated with batteries. They have made them this way so there is no need for cabling which can be very messy. The power that makes it work can be found in one box that is inside the lift’s chair. Many consumers have attested that rides on an Acorn stair lift is very smooth particularly the starts and the stops. The possibility of power outage is no hindrance in using the stair lift as well since the batteries are rechargeable. The stair lifts they produce comes with a warranty that lasts a lifetime. The following features are also one of the best in the market:

1. The paddle controls are user friendly.
2. It can display the status digitally
3. A smooth ride up and down
4. The switch can be isolated and locked
5. The swivel seat is foldable as well as the footrest.
6. The remote controlling have an infra red
7. Built with sensors and the brakes works well in a mechanical system
8. It can operate quietly.

Acorn has taken pride that they have helped improve the lives of the people using their stair lifts. They feel grateful that they have assured the customers of living a comfortable life like the way they have known it before. People cannot imagine the suffering of an old person or a disabled person until we have reached that stage. When people get older we then lose our ability to move actively and the mere task of going up the stairs and back down becomes a risky challenge.

Acorn Stairlifts have offices all over the world:

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Acorn Stair Lifts

Stair lifts are devices that are made to carry people who suffer from arthritis, are older, or are otherwise mobility challenged use the stairs. Using either a set of batteries, or by plugging directly into the wall, these units are responsible for restoring independence and opening houses back up. They are often called stair chairs because generally a chair is attached to the stairs via an aluminum track. There are some models called perch lifts however, that utilize a small platform instead. A perch lift is usually used for someone who has trouble sitting down because of knee or back problems. One popular manufacturer of stair lifts is Acorn, who makes several models including a perch lift.

Acorn is a family owned company that operates worldwide. Their US headquarter is in Orlando, Florida, and they employ over 800 employees worldwide. Acorn opened their doors in 1992 and began buying and selling new and reconditioned stair lifts. They quickly realized, due to high demand, that they would not be able to continue purchasing stair lifts and reselling them, and maintain their commitment to their customers, so they began manufacturing their own. Over the years Acorn pioneered the battery stair lift, and has continuously brought innovation and remarkable engineering to the field. They currently manufacture more than 30,000 units a year. Acorn has a very strong presence in the United States, the United Kingdom, South America, Europe, and Australia. Their quality and professional workmanship has made them into the powerhouse they are today, and they are the largest independent straight stair lift manufacturer in the world.

One of their stair lifts that has a very distinctive design is the Acorn 120. It allows the rider to stand on the foot rest and travel up and down the stairs. For those suffering from joint problems, this is often much less painful and much more practical than a traditional stair lift. It has a set of handle bars attached to the unit that can be held onto for added support, as well as an additional adjustable handle bar. It also includes a pad to lean against, so it is not necessary to stand straight up, and instead the rider can put their weight on the pad.

This perch lift can support up to 294 ponds. It is battery powered, featuring a constantly recharging battery, that ensures that even if the power goes out, you will be able to use your stair lift. The unit includes 15.2 foot of track, which will accommodate most stair cases. The foot rest folds and helps the Acorn Perch Lift retain its low profile. The controls for the Acorn Superglide Stairlift are designed to be very simple and straight forward to use.

Acorn produces several stair lifts and one of their other popular models is the Acorn SuperGlide. All of their models are designed to be easy to use, require very little maintenance, and to be as safe as possible. They all utilize the best materials available, utilize special safety sensors to ensure that the device is not used unsafely, and are designed to take up as little space as possible.

Find out more about the Acorn SuperGlide Stairlift

A Stair Lift Guide

There are three ways of providing access between floors for the handicapped or disabled; residential elevators, stair lifts and platform lifts. By far the most popular method of residential lift is the home chair stair lift.

The reasons why they are preferred by the majority is because of ease of installation and price. Residential elevators and platform lifts start at around 10k to 16k. The price of a home stair lift will depend on its type. A straight type will range in price from 2.5k - 4k, whereas a curved model is custom made and will cost anything between 5k to 20k. The complexity of the installation ultimately dictates the cost of installing a curved lift. The cost is impossible to know before the supplier carries out an onsite inspection.

Drive Type

There are four types of drive types. However, the vast majority of new stair lifts use the rack and pinion system.

Most cable drive systems use a strong steel cable - aircraft cable is the norm. The main disadvantage of this type of drive system is that the ride can be less than perfectly smooth. However, technology has moved on and those companies that still use this drive system say that the ride is as smooth as any other type. Summit and Ameriglide stair lifts both use this drive type.

Chain drive systems are used only for heavy duty models. They are loud and not really used in residential stair lifts.

The screw drive uses a lifting mechanism with a screw driven actuator. This is powered by a rechargeable battery. Again, this type is not used in home models.

The rack and pinion drive system is by far the most popular type for residential stair lifts. Rack and pinion systems - meaning gear and teeth - used to have to require regular cleaning and replacement of gear oil. However today’s home units have sealed drive systems that require no maintenance at all.

The Track or Rail

This is the base along which the carriage travels. The track is always fitted to the stairs and never to the wall. This means that a track can be fitted to either side of the stairs. Tracks used in straight stair lifts are made of extruded aluminum whereas curved ones usually use a mixture of both steel and aluminum.


With early designs the power source was AC mains. But today, most stair chair lifts are powered by DC 12 volt rechargeable batteries. Batteries are preferred because a trailing cable is used with AC mains powered stairlifts. The cable is reeled5B4 out and reeled back in each and every time the chair travels up and down the stairway, which causes wear and tear. Also, battery powered units can still be used during power outages. Some states prohibit the installation of any appliance unless it is installed by a qualified technician.

Swivel Seats

All makes of stair chair lifts offer this option. There are two types; 90 degree and 180 degree swivel seats. A 90 degree swivel seat is mounted on the upstairs side of the chassis and fold in one direction. A 180 degree swivel seat folds in both directions. One manufacturer, Stannah, makes a motorized swivel seat.

Self Diagnosing

Many brands like the Acorn Superglide and the Stannah stair lift have integrated circuit boards that can help diagnose problems with your lift and decrease maintenance costs.


All manufacturers offer a mixture of accessories either as standard or optional. What you choose will affect the cost of the stair lift.

Perch stair lifts allow the passenger to remain standing. This is excellent for those who have problems bending at the knee. The Acorn Superglide Perch is one such example.

Just about all home units come with safety belts. Some brands come with retractable lap inertia belts, while others offer 3-point fixed shoulder belts.


Installation of today’s straight models is quite easy. Many manufacturers and dealers encourage custome53Ars to self-install. However, a customer should never self install and the Accessibility Equipment Manufacturer’s Association strongly advises against it.

The installation of a residential lift really can allow someone to regain their home and independence. The chair stair lift that is best for a customer will depend on their requirements and budget.

Uses For Vertical Stair Lifts

Many people who are very healthy can certainly do several activities in a day without giving much effort. A lot of us take walking and running for granted and we don’t realize that there are many people who cannot even do these anymore. This huge population has also earned a place in the market with the trend for many varieties of stair lifts. One of the emerging types in the market available today is called the vertical stair lift.

There is a growing market for the handicapped and products that give them mobility and accessibility is continuously gaining popularity and demand. In buildings today we can see elevators for handicapped or ramps for the wheelchairs. There are other equipments that are out in the market for easier mobility for those with wheelchairs. The vertical stair lifts for people on wheelchairs have been made for their convenience in places without elevators too.

Vertical stair lifts for the wheelchairs are very useful for the handicapped people because they can just stay sitting there as they are lifted. The vertical stair lifts are commonly electricity powered or pulled by a system made up of hydraulics. This type of lifts can also be utilized in many occasions like the following.

1. The vertical lift allows any person on wheelchairs get more accessibility right in the homes they own because it can allow the person to elevate in any part of the home like the steps coming from the path leading to the porch found in front of the house.

2. The vertical lifts can be apart of the stage in a huge convention center or auditorium so that people with disability on wheelchairs can also easily gain accessibility on stage. Nowadays many schools and different institutes had them installed to help students and people faced with this challenge.

3. There are still buildings with elevators that cannot be occupied by wheelchairs so vertical stair lifts are a good alternative in solving this problem. Many old buildings opt for installing vertical stair lifts and not ramps because of the logistic advantage it gives.

In USA due to the act for the disable known as Disabilities Act, most of the old buildings without these lifts should install to follow the ordinance. Vertical stair lifts should be placed in an area with enclosures and a platform where the wheelchair stays. The walls of that area will avoid any movement when lifting. Another version is the shaftway type which can fit like most elevators.

Stair lifts provide not only mobility and more independence for the handicapped person but equality for all as well.A vertical stair lift can be the best solution for buildings that cannot accomodate installation of elevators.

Basic Information about Outdoor Stair Lifts

Many houses nowadays are designed with areas for the patio or viewing decks which are mostly accessed by stairs and are found outside for viewing. People who are disabled also miss this pleasure of enjoying this part of the house. They have great difficulty accessing the staircase for these areas and can also be dangerous without a stair lift. A stair lift made for the outdoors has been invented to answer to this need. Today there are several choices to choose for the right stair lift for the areas outside the house like patios.

Parts of the Outdoor Stair Lifts
Every stair lift is made up of four parts that are basic; the train that drives the stair lift, the track, the chair and the chassis. Drive trains are found inside the stair lift’s chassis and are also made up of pulley and a few gears that can make it move along its track. Drive trains can be operated by the cable, pinion or a rack. The system that is run by pinion system and rack system makes use of gears and the rail has a tooth like appearance. The ones that are on a cable system make use of the strength and quality of the cable typically from aluminum that is tied on the pulley also inside the lift’s chassis.

The track is the part of the stair lift that is installed on the stairs and it provides support for the weight of the system like the seat and the chassis and ultimately the one riding it. Many stair lifts already has the tracks with gears made for the cable, pinion and rack systems. Chassis of stair lifts is also made up of a motor run by electricity that can lift the rail. The chair is also installed above the chassis and it can be folded up when it’s not being used.

Other factors are also considered when a stair lift is going to be installed on the stairs. Dealers usually ask the type of material the steps are made from. The concrete type of steps will need another kind of fastener different from the steps made of wood. A correct measurement of the stair’s length should also be accurately obtained to have the correct length for the track and thereby getting a good quotation from a supplier or a dealer.

Since most outdoor stairs are straight a straight stair lift is also needed which is also considerably safe and less expensive. However the owner also has to secure the track and the chassis by sealing it to avoid damage from the elements outside. The chair should also be made of vinyl with a marine type to last despite the moisture of the area and the sun’s rays. Chairs for outdoor stair lifts also have covers from protection when the rider is not using it.

Which Stair-Lift to Choose

Buying a stair-lift may seem easy. From a distance, they look pretty much the same, and they serve the same purpose. They help the physically challenged and the elderly get from one floor to another. However, one should be careful in choosing which stair-lift to purchase. Although it may be true that they all look quite the same, the safety and the convenience they offer vary.

The first question one should ask before buying a stair-lift is,

Vital Considerations in Choosing a Stair Lift

Having a stair lift installed in your house can provide convenience for people who find it a hassle to climb stairs in their home. If you or any of your family members is restricted by a handicap, climbing stairs need not be difficult as long as you have stair lifts installed in your home.

Installing stair lifts can give you independence despite having a physical disability. However, buying stair lifts can be difficult if you do not know where to start. Here are some helpful tips on how to purchase stair lifts.

Before purchasing the new stair lift, a representative from the manufacturer or supplier will make an ocular inspection of your home. They will take the dimensions of your staircase and give an assessment of your needs. It will be to your advantage if you will ask for a quotation and ponder on the offer before deciding to buy the lift. Stair lifts can be very expensive so you could save some money by looking for the best deals from various manufacturers.

While second hand stair lifts can be more light on your pocket, be cautious of buying them from private individuals as the product may no longer be covered by warranty. As much as possible, purchase second hand stair lifts from a reliable supplier but do make sure that they will be warrantied.

Lifts can fit to any kind of staircase. There are straight or curved lifts available. Likewise, you can consider outdoor lifts which can offer access to an entrance door or from the garden. There are additional features that are available which is determined by your need.

Moving up from one floor to another can be safer and more comfortable if you are seated which is why most stair lifts comes with seats. However, there are some modifications if you have difficulty sitting. There are stand-on lifts or perching ones that are the best choice if you are having a hard time bending or straightening your legs.

Depending on what you are looking for, an agent from a stair lift manufacturer would be able to give you the best advice as to which kind of stair lift will best cater to your need.

Being physically handicapped does not deprive you from living a normal life and having peace of mind. By setting up lifts in your house, moving to and from different floors will no longer be a hassle.

The Benefits of an Electric Wheelchair Lift

Advancements in technology have provided disabled persons with more mobility. Likewise, it has paved the way for wheelchairs to become suitable and convenient for everyday use.

Aside from the advancements in wheelchair features, another device that has made life easier for people on wheelchair is the invention of an electric wheelchair lift. They help handicapped people move from one floor to another. Compared to other kinds of wheelchair lifts, there are some advantages of using an electric wheelchair lift.

One of the advantages of an electric wheelchair lift is the price. It is less costly compared to the hydraulic type. Maintenance is fairly simple. Aside from that, most models of electric lifts have emergency back-up battery so that they can still be used in case there is a shortage of power.

In addition, electric wheelchair lifts can be made to fit automatic door openers or telephone jacks when they are needed by the user. There are various models of electric wheelchair lifts available to handicapped people. There are home stair lifts, wheelchair ramps, or automobile lifts.

Moreover, electric home stair lifts can be set up in any location outside or inside the house. They are space saving and performs quietly. It can be easily used by disabled persons.

Home stair lifts can travel a distance up to 23 feet and can carry a maximum load of 350 pounds. Some lifts can be customized to carry more than the maximum weight. The cost of these lifts may vary from one manufacturer to another.

On the other hand, automobile lifts can be fitted into vehicles to provide space for electric wheelchairs when moving the handicapped individual is required. These lifts provide easy operation even by a single individual.

Moreover, automobile lifts offer convenience in assembly and disassembly. Likewise, their price in the market may vary although they usually range from a minimum of $700 to a maximum of $3,000.

Furthermore, van ramps are accessible in the market to fit the wheelchair into a van. They are the less costly option and they are convenient to use than other devices. They can be loaded to a van through springs so that they can be easily lifted.

Maintenance of van ramps is very easy because the system they utilize is not a mechanical one. Likewise, they can be folded and placed in a vertical position making them space saving. A reliable van ramps can be purchased from a low of $500 to a high of $1,100.

Whatever model you choose, they all provide one guarantee and that is convenience and independence on the part of the handicapped person.

The Kinds of Stair Lifts Explained

Stair lifts are machines that help people with physical handicap move up and down the stairs easily and comfortably. To these people, moving up from one floor to another and back can be a daunting task. To the handicapped or elder people, stair lifts are the perfect solution to their problem. They are found in public places such as shopping centers, hospitals, or even houses with several floors.

The most common machines found in public places are wheelchair lifts. Depending on the layout and design of the lift being utilized by the establishment, these machines can work in several ways. The most preferred choice is a seated lift. This is one of the most challenging lifts because it requires that the user have the ability to move about in order to transfer from the wheel chair to the seat of the lift. Another individual to operate the machine and move the user to the chair of the lift is needed. Another individual would have to carry the wheelchair when moving from one level to another so that the user can return to the wheelchair.

Another kind of machine is the home stair lifts. These are units that provide convenience to people who are in wheelchair but are tied to their homes. They can be easily installed and can be attached to a wall socket. However, most homes have no backup power supply so that in case there is no power, home stair lifts become useless. Majority of these machines have warranty and can be used by persons at least 300 pounds.

Aside from that, there are lifts that offer ease in pushing the wheelchair to the platform of the lift. They have a safety gate which closes for security reasons. When the desired level has been reached, the front portion of the lift opens allowing the user to get out of the lift. This variety of lift demands no support from another person.

Second hand home stair lifts can be obtained for a portion of the amount from an individual who finds no need for the machine anymore. However, these kinds of lifts are not yet set up and are not warrantied. For this reason, most manufacturers are now pushing for used stair lifts at a much lower cost. Used stair lifts obtained from manufacturers are warrantied for a short time and have installation instructions.

For handicapped or physically disabled people, stair lifts can help them overcome their situation and live a normal life.

Various Stair Lift Elevator Uses

Safety, comfort, and convenience are three factors that disabled patients need to have in getting up or down multi-storey buildings and even homes. A stair lift elevator can best answer all requirements.

Patients cannot just be kept in beds. In hospitals, they need to go some place else for check ups and tests. Most hospital wards are placed on upper floors and most check up and test facilities like the X-ray room, chemistry lab, ultra sound cubicle are located on the ground floor. Thus, stair lift elevators are usually installed near staircases for the safe and convenient transit of patients from lower to upper floors and vice versa.

A stair lift elevator is a box contraption accommodating wheel chairs or beds for patients. It is safe and secured with steel panel railings or other similar materials on all four corners, with a secure door and a ramp for easy wheeling in of the wheel chair or bed into the stair lift elevator. A stair lift elevator is easily installed for quick temporary use or for easy relocation. It consists of a sturdy platform, corner rails, a motor lift and lifting cables. Some stair lift elevators are operated by automatic jacks or piston-action motors. Motors of stair lift elevators are smooth and quiet to avoid unsteady lifting and unnecessary and uncomfortable noise.

A stair lift elevator usually lifts patients one or two floors at most, but rarely higher. For higher lifts, a conventional elevator is used. A stair lift elevator is for low flights of stairs which are too high for ramps but too low to warrant the use of a conventional elevator. Stair lift elevators are usually installed near or around a stair case.

For home use, a stair lift elevator is used in lieu of a chair stair lift. When the patient already has a wheel chair and transferring from a wheel chair to a chair stair lift is not convenient for the patient, the best option for stair climbing is a stair lift elevator. It is easily installed and dismantled for temporary use at home. It is fitted with remote control, quiet and smooth motor operation and emergency devices like wheel chair straps.

Stair lift elevators are also applied in commercial centers like shopping centers, malls, department stores office buildings, car parks, clinics, therapy gyms, and schools.

For safe, convenient, and comfortable stair climbing or low heights, the best option for disabled patients for bypassing staircases is a stair lift elevator.